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  • OFFENSIVE SRL was  founded in 2000 as a member of the Stollenmeier fashion group.
    Meanwhile Offensive SRL is one of the most prestigious and modern knitting factory in Eastern Europe, Romania. We offer complete services of knitwear production, knitwear design and also separate ones on different stages of knitwear production. 
  • We have a large production capacity due to modernization of premises, and we managed to cover a large area of ​​customer requirements.
  • One of the main advantages of our company is the outflow of new fashion styles having samples  from our own  collection and also knitwear styles that sell well on the market today. So we provide a wide range of products to cover a larger segment of the market.
  • For realizing these articles we have the ability to provide complete knitwear services from the purchasing of modern and fancy yarns, accessories, different types of testing, programming, knitting, embroideries, washing, ironing, and sampling. We also intermediate flexible and cheap transportation in groupage.
  • Accessibility to our services is supported by a highly trained and experienced in knitwear team of English-speaking, each department having its own e-mail for more effective communication. We also have the necessary equipment to communicate by video conference, face time, chat, Facebook and of course phone.
  • As result we eliminate the necessity of an intermediate which drastically lowers styles costs and improves the time for information processing.
  • We have proved in time that we are a serious knitting factory, mature, as reflected in long-term relationships with our clients and the positive feedback received from them.
  • We are certified ISO 9001 and 14001, SEDEX and audited SMETA.
  • We have been proved suppliers for the following main customers: Primark, River Island, ASOS, HSE and Hessnatur.
  • As mentioned above we also offer separate services of knitting due to large capacity that we have.
  • We provide sampling, knitting programs, embroidery programs, development of  patterns, washing recipes washing.
  • And also often offer separate services on different stages of production: first ironing , knitting, washing, wash care labels, etc.

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Knitting Department is equipped with the new generation of computer-assisted knitting machines: STOLL CMS 530, STOLL CMS 822 and 3 programming stations M1 plus which are served by well trained programmers. All the production is monitored throw SKR2 Stoll-knit report 2 in real time. We have 33 new types knitting machines – produced in 2014.


Cutting Department is equiped with new machines -produces in 2015
  •   2 new cutting tables   OTEMAN 20 N with air cushion all produced in 2015.
  •   2 hands electric cutters - VIBROMAT S56 - all produced in 2015
  •   BIERREBI LASERPOINT automatic cutting machine


Finishing Department  have all new generation ironing line – all produced in 2015.
  • Steam generator JUMAG DG560
  • 5 Ironing tables - MENTASTI SELENIA with laser points
  • 2 VEITH Hand Ironing tables 


Embroidery Department is equiped with new embroidery machine  from ZSk model LBFB 1012-480/700
  • 10 heads and 12 needles per head
  • EP 3 Device for applying cord
  • T6 Twin Device for applying sequins


Pre-steaming Department is equipped with new types of presteaming machines - produced in 2015.
  • - 1 presteaming machine ST 131 MENTASTI - with 130 cm width - specialy designed for fully fashion styles
  • - 1 presteaming machine ST 201 MENTASTI - with 200 cm width for double productivity designed for mass production


Confection Department is equiped with new generation sewing machines produced in 2015:
  • 20 overlock sewing machines - JUKI 6714-BE-6-44H with backledge
  • 32 EXACTA MAXI linking machines - all GG's
  • 15 lockstitch sewing machines - JUKI DDL 9000 BSS
  • .........


QC Department is organized in three levels during production flow. First level is in Knitting Department, second is in Confection Department and the final one is at the end of the production flow.
  • The last stage implies the needle detector DCH 630K - each pcs it is checked throw the needle detector